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Company FAQs

What is our youth dance company all about?

Our Youth Dance Company is a pre-professional youth dance company that performs important roles and will represent Dance Experience at respected community events throughout the year. In addition, our company members perform leading roles in the Nutcracker and Spring Production. The Company’s mission is to perform dances in the community to inspire, share aspirations, heighten awareness, bring happiness, and express a deepened aesthetic meaning of “dance” to the public. 


What is expected of a company member?

A company member is expected to attend class on a regular basis and practice all dances as the choreography is taught to them. They are expected to pick the choreography up quickly, and retain it from week to week, and month to month. They should refrain from bad habits in class (i.e. talking, causing distractions, and poor attitudes), and always display respect to their peers and teachers. We will hold all members of the company in the highest standards. We expect them to be role models for other students, and to compose themselves with the qualities of a pre-professional dancer in class and out of class.

What type of dances will the company perform?

Company dancers are well-rounded dancers, and they may perform pieces that are ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, or poms. It simply depends on the event. 

How do I become a company member?

All students must audition to become a part of the company. If you missed auditions, you may still audition for the Nutcracker and Spring Production. It is highly recommended if you are considering auditioning for company to take Ballet Technique class. 

What can you expect at auditions?

Students are broken into two audition groups based on age. Upon arrival, all students should be prepared to warm-up on their own. They will then learn a combination or two, and be broken into small groups to perform them for the judges. Please be prepared for auditions if they end early or go late. Dancers will be released sporadically, as they complete their audition. Some dancers may be asked to stay a little longer for another combination so the judges can see more.

When will we hear if we made company?

Dancers will receive a letter informing them if they made company by July 1st. 

When are the company practices?

Company practice/class is every Tuesday from 8:15-9:15 pm., and almost every Wednesday from 7-9 pm. Parents and students must be aware that this is a contracted commitment upon accepting your place in the company, and every dancer in the company will have high expectations. We will be planning and providing multiple exciting performing opportunities throughout the year for the dancers, and need students who are dedicated and invested in our company’s purpose and mission.

Are there specific requirements?


  1. All members of the company must take their required Ballet Technique class.

  2. Dancers must be present for rehearsals on Tuesdays from 8:15 – 9:15 p.m. and all performances/workshops as they are booked.

  3. Dancers will be cast to perform in the Nutcracker and Spring Season Production, with no audition necessary, but must be ready for all required rehearsals on Wednesdays from 7-9:00 p.m. as necessary.

  4. All known conflicts must be presented the day you audition, and any additional conflicts that arise must be submitted in writing before the dance season starts in September. 


What is the cost?

The full hour Company Class on Tuesday from 8:15-9:15 pm will cost $50 per month. Other cost factors may include: costumes, t-shirts, shoes, and other required attire or technique classes. The likelihood that an event we perform will have a fee is minimal. Please note: Nutcracker and production fees are separate fees from the company fee, and are specific to the production itself.

Is there a company dress code?

Yes. The company dress code can be found in our studio's policies. Each company has a separate dress code; specifically for costume and performance reasons.

When are the performances?

These events and dates are unavailable at this time. Why not? Scheduling of these events will take place throughout the year, and over the summer. Due to an event’s specific requirements and application process, some of these events may not be known until a few months before. As soon as they are booked, the information will be released to you and your dancer. We have already started the process for a few events we would like to attend in September. 

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