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Dance Recital is an annual showcase of everything that your dancer has learned throughout their year at Dance Experience! The dancers are excited to show you what they are capable of, so please visit this page frequently to make the recital preparations as easy as possible. 

Dress Rehearsal

Evening of June 2 (Dance Experience) June 5 (Theater)

Time and location, please refer to your recital packet


Florissant Civic Center- 1James J.Eagan Dr

June 6th and 7th, 2023



Recital payments are broken into 3 MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS (due in October, November, and December). These recital fee covers: Costume(s), Recital Tights, Tickets (6 per dancer), Programs, Props, Dress Rehearsal, Theatre Rental Costs, Faculty and Staff from Dance Experience, and professional theatre staff from our venue for rehearsal and recital.

Your costume will not be ordered until your first installment is received. Late payments may result in delay or avilability of your costume for picture day. If costume is still available after your late payment, you are responisble for extra shipping & handling.

First Installment due October 4th
Second Installment due November 1st
Third Installment due December 6th

Pay your recital in full by 10/5 and receive FREE recital flowers!

All recital fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you choose not to do recital for any reason after a payment is made, it will not be credited.


September - Recital information goes home. 

October- First Installment is Due.


November - Second Installment is Due. Costume Measurements will take place during your child's class time. Costumes must be ordered by the end of the month in order for them to be in and approved for the recital. If there is any issue (size, missing pieces, damage) to the costume, we must have time to make the appropriate exchanges.

December - Last Installment is Due.

March/April - Performance times are assigned to classes.


April - A mandatory recital meeting will be held during your child's class time. During this time important info about recital will go home, along with costumes and picture info. Parents MUST be present to pick up their child's costume. You are responsible for keeping all costume pieces together once at home.

May - Recital photos are taken.


End of May/Beginning of June - Last week of classes. There will be no classes taking place during Recital Week. The studio will be closed. 


June - Rehearsal week at TBD.  Your specific rehearsal time and show date are released when you receive your costume at the mandatory recital meeting. Please do not plan vacations or other commitments during these times.


Be on Time:  Our dress rehearsal schedules are organized and prepared to give each dancer the time they need on stage, without wasting time throughout the day. It is your responsibility to arrive on time to your dress rehearsal prior to your the recital call time. Your call time for dress rehearsal is 15 minutes prior to the time your child is called to be on stage. This means you should arrive about 20 minutes before your time to ensure you are ready to go. There is a chance, if we are running ahead, that your rehearsal may run earlier than the time scheduled. We will not wait, if you are late. Also, please keep in mind, it is your responsibility to be present in the theatre's auditorium at this time ready to go. If you are not present in the theatre's auditorium when your dance is called to rehearse, then you forfeit your opportunity to practice on stage. Please be where you are supposed to be at all times. Also, please remember to factor in traffic and any other issues that may affect your ability to arrive on time. 

Costumes: It is recommended that you prepare your child's costumes and all belongings several days prior to the dress rehearsal so that you have all items needed for the recital. LABEL EVERYTHING, accessories, hats, tights, shoes, costumes. You can prepare them by putting them on a hanger and placing them in a steamed shower to relieve wrinkles; however, do NOT do these to tutus, unless instructed to do so! Never wash or iron your costume. If there are any questions, please email Miss Kristin for clarification.


Shoes: Appropriate shoes must be purchased for recital performances and approved by the instructor. If you already have the appropriate dance shoes, please take the time to wash, polish and clean the shoes. It is extremely noticeable when scuffed shoes are being worn on the stage. This will help make your child look more professional. All tap shoes, unless laced up, MUST have elastic bands. NO ribbon ties for recital. 


Hair and Makeup: Hair is to be placed in a low bun on the right side of the head. All students should have their hair parted over the center of their right eye. Before putting the hair into a bun, you can mousse or gel the hair to help the hair hold more firmly during the performances. Do not hold back on the hairspray either. Just as in class, hair in the face of the dancers is a distraction to the dancer and the audience members. 


Professional posed photographs will be taken at the studio on your child's regular class day and time during the week of May 12th. A notice will be placed on the information board and online for your convenience. You must pick up your pictures at the dress rehearsal. Please see the lobby attendant for your picture package.


ONLY NON-FLASH photography is allowed during the recital. Flashes from cameras are distracting to our dancers, and we may escort you out of the theatre if used. 


DVD's will be available for purchase at the recital shows by a professional company. All DVD's are mailed home for your convenience. Click here to download an order form for 2019's recital.

Recital T-Shirts & flowers are sold separately and must be ordered in advanced at the front desk. These will go on sale in April.

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