About The Costume Manager
Stacy Harris comes to us from Opera Theatre St. Louis, where she is the manager all of the beautiful and elaborate opera costumes. With over 30+ years of theatre experience, a B.A. in Theatre, a M.A. in Directing, 20+ years of experience specifically in costuming, sewing, designing, managing wardrobe crews, and collaborating with renowned opera companies from all around the world, we are thrilled to have Stacy on our Nutcracker team and look forward to our integration with her to only make our show better than ever.

Costume Fitting Dates

See the calendar & important dates section for this information.


Managed by Dance Experience 

All costumes are rented and managed by Dance Experience and our staff. At no time is a cast member, or character, to take a costume home. All costumes MUST stay at the studio or in the theatre dressing room at all times. Each costume and accessory will be checked in prior to and after the show/rehearsal by wardrobe crew members. Missing or stolen costume pieces may result in a fine. 

What You Must Provide

Dancers must provide their own ballet tights, dance belts, pink ballet shoes, and the required camisole or undergarments for their specific parts for underneath their costumes. Dancers should always have a clean spare pair of tights available in case of a snag, a hole, or they get dirty.


Male dancers may need to purchase black tights,  White or Black Ballet Shoes and a dance belt (depending on their role). Please view the matrix for more information.


Please download the costume/makeup matrix to help guide you on what you need to supply on the next page.

Costume Photo Policy

We understand how special and meaningful this time is, and have planned to make it a great experience for everyone. However, we do have rules. 

1) We are allowing family members to take photos with your child in costume during the scheduled time block on your last dress rehearsal in studio. It is only during this scheduled time block that you will have this opportunity as we do not allow our costumes or performers to leave backstage in costume. See your rehearsal schedule for more information about this scheduled time.

2) We have professional photographer taking photographs of our dancers and their performance. These photos will be available to you for downloading and purchasing. Anyone who wants professional individual or group photos taken in costume can send a request to Miss Kristin to set aside your costume for later in the year to pose during recital photos and have your photo taken. Our recital photographer's fee will apply. 

3) Cast members are allowed to take photos backstage in designated areas. We are setting up special photo op and backdrop where cast members can have their photo taken by a cast or crew member.


3) Dancers are to NEVER wear their costume in the lobby or the theatre before/after a show, or in-between Acts. They are simply to remain backstage at all times while in costume. We hold the same standards for our patrons as any other professional show, and appreciated your respect and cooperation. All dancers must wait until the entire show is finished, and your costume has been returned, and you are dressed appropriately to find your families. Parents, family, and friends who are not a part of the cast or production crew are also not allowed to "sneak" backstage for any reason. 

4) Zero Tolerance Policy. If you choose to disrespect our rules, or choose to ignore them, then it will most certainly have an impact on your future casting in this production. These rules are in place for many reasons, please respect them, our cast members, and crew. Thank you.

Food & Drinks In Costume 

ABSOLUTELY NO EATING OR DRINKING IN COSTUME! WATER WILL BE THE ONLY DRINK PERMITTED BACKSTAGE! Dancers should wear their normal clothes, leotards, and/or zip up hoodies or t-shirts over themselves to eat and drink in costume. We don't really want Arabian to go on stage with a big fresh coffee stain.

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