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Hair & Makeup


Bun makers allowed for recital, are not allowed in this production. Please follow the steps to make a beautiful ballet bun. If you need help, a helper backstage may assist your child. Please make sure you have all hair supplies packed and EXTRA for hair pieces.


How to Make a Bun

1.Use a spray bottle of water if needed to wet down hair

2.Pull hair straight back to put into a ponytail at the crown of the head

3.Coil hair into a bun shape

4.Use a hair net (the same color as hair) to hold all hair together

5.Pin around the bun using lots of hair color matching bobby pins

6.Hair spray/gel the finished product so there are

Bangs for all dancers must be pinned and sprayed back.


No colored or shiny clips, barrettes, or bun covers are allowed.


Each child needs to have her own brush. PLEASE do NOT share brushes or other hair supplies.


  • Please refer to Costume/Makeup Matrix available for downloading for more details.

  • For health reasons there is to be no sharing of makeup.  

  • No nail polish of any kind or French tips allowed in the final dress rehearsal or performances.

  • DO NOT apply any spray or artificial tanners the week of the show – it will RUIN the costumes. You may be subjected to a replacement costume fee if this was to happen.

  • No Jewelry allowed unless required by your role.

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