Final Rehearsals & Production Day

Dress Rehearsals 

Some Dress Rehearsals will take place at the studio and have specific instructions if it is a run with hair/makeup/costume. Please pay attention to these details in your rehearsal schedule.

Backstage Policy

Parents/friends will NOT be allowed backstage on the performance day. Only cast & crew from Dance Experience & Logan Theatre are permitted backstage for various safety reasons. This is a major public theatrical dance production and we don't want any distractions during this critical rehearsal process to the technical crew or the dancers. You will need to pick up your child at their scheduled release times. 

About Lunch/Snacks at the Theatre or Studio

You may pack a lunch and snacks for your child. We ask that you pack a snack that is easy to eat, won't leak out, and is easily mess free. Only water will be permitted backstage; no colored fluids or soda of any kind will be allowed. This is the theatre's rules & ours as well.

What to Prepare

  • Ballet shoes and/or pointe shoes

  • 2 pairs of tights (one for emergencies)

  • 2 leotards (one for warmups, lounging /one for performance)

  • A hair kit packed with lots of bobby pins, two hair nets, and thick hair elastics, A brush, Hair spray

  • Something to wear over leotard and tights such as a zipped sweatshirt and sweatpants

  • Water bottle filled with water, no soda, colored, or dark liquids of any allowed

  • Underwear for later

  • A healthy snack pack that is NOT messy!

  • A quiet game, manacala, cards, books, or coloring books and crayons (NO MARKERS) to pass the time

  • Blankets for play space

  • PLEASE write your name on all belongings – tights, shoes, etc…

  • Extra Makeup in a Ziploc bag with child’s name on it

  • Deodorant (if needed)

  • Foot care supply kit ( - if needed/pointe dancers) packed with Band-Aids, toe tape, lambs wool, Neosporin…)

  • Toe pads, spacers, etc (- if needed/pointe dancers)

  • Small sewing kit (if needed/pointe dancers)

Arriving at the Theatre or Dress Rehearsals

All characters should be dropped off and arrive in tights, leotard, hair & makeup done before arriving. Lead Roles should have their hair and base layer of makeup on prior to arriving to the theatre. This saves time and space, which is very limited with such a large production. Thank you for being prepared in advance.


Dance Experience Crew members will be assisting your child getting ready for their part(s) before and during the show. They will also assist your child and prepare them to be ready when they are released. Please make sure you write your child's name in any personal property that you do not want lost.


All dancers must participate in the warmup and should have their makeup done and ready before warmup begins, and leotard/tights/warmups on. You will not wear any costume pieces that you are performing in at warmup, except tights - you don't want to get anything dirty before your performance begins. It is tradition among our cast members to wear footless onesies over their leotards and tights. Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun and cozy tradition. However, we discourage you from wearing it in the lobby after your performance. Please put on street clothes.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Dancers must be checked in by a parent at their call time. All ‘Nutcracker’ dancers will remain backstage until the end of each performance after the final bow. Dancers will not be allowed to watch the performance from the auditorium. There are no exceptions to these rules. After the performance, parents can pick up their dancers where they dropped them off.

Dressing Room Procedures and Rules

  • Children need to be checked in and out of the dressing room drop off/pick up area by a parent.

  • Children will be taken care of by our backstage helpers

  • All encourage dancers to wear street clothes to be dismissed.

  • No students will be released in the middle of the show-NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • All students are expected to be on their best behavior while at the theatre

  • All costumes remain in the dressing room or backstage at all times!

  • Men are not allowed in the girls’ dressing room at any time.

  • Dancers are expected to clean up their dressing room during and after the show.

What NOT to Bring

  • Valuables you don't want lost – ipods, ipads, etc…

  • Markers

  • Fast food or Dark Liquids that can stain (coffee, dark soda, juice, etc…)

  • Any fast food dinner must be eaten before entering the theatre , and no messy snacks!

Mandatory Strike

All dancers in the production who are in the Company, or are ages 12+ up  are REQUIRED to stay for a mandatory strike after the last performance. They will assist in cleaning all dressing rooms, costumes, cleaning the theatre, & backstage. They will not assist with scenery or anything else we believe is inappropriate for their age. This is a normal good practice of all cast members in a production and goes fast with everyones help. This strike will last as long as it takes to clean. Anticipate for strike to last about a half an hour. We - of course - will accept any volunteer help from parents, no sign-up needed.

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