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Cast Information


Mandatory Rehearsals   

Any cast member unable to attend rehearsal for a validated reason, must contact Kristin prior to rehearsal. We will be very aware of any conflicts you listed at auditions, and will do our best to work around them. We are also very conscious when scheduling younger dancers, and have arranged the rehearsal schedule to release them as early as possible. Please download a copy of the rehearsal schedule and mark your rehearsal dates to your calendar.

Rehearsal Attire 

All Female dancers cast need to wear a leotard and tights to rehearsal, and have their hair pulled back in a bun. Company members will wear their required attire.


All Male dancers cast need to wear shorts & a white/black t-shirt, and socks or ballet shoes. Males will need to wear a dance belt. Most dancewear stores carry these in stock, please call the store in advance.

Be On Time

Rehearsals will begin promptly at their scheduled time(s); DO NOT BE LATE. All the time scheduled for rehearsal will be used to its fullest potential to learn and perfect each part.


All dancers should be ready to go before their rehearsal begins, walking in for your rehearsal at the time it is set to begin holds the rehearsal process back. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself enough time to put your shoes on and be ready. We appreciate your respect in this matter.

Closed Rehearsal Policy

Unlike recital, ALL Nutcracker rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsals, meaning no parent(s) will be allowed to watch during watch weeks. This also includes all dress rehearsals & technical rehearsals at the studio and the theatre. 

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