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Dress Code

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All dancers are required to follow the studio dress code to participate in class:

  • Hair must be pulled back away from the dancer's face and secured. Loose hair that falls out during class is unacceptable.

  • Required dance shoes that have been fitted either at by Dance Experience or a professional dancewear store. All shoes must have the student's last name inside each shoe, in case they are lost or misplaced. Preferred brands include Bloch, Capezio, Balera, and Leo. 

  • Warm-ups are allowed in certain classes, but must be FITTED to the dancer’s body. Such as leg warmers, arm-warmers, dance shorts, dance shrugs, etc… 


  • All dancewear must be CLEAN and presentable for class. Dirty leotards and tights are disrespectful, distracting, and demonstrate unpreparedness.

  • Performance Nude Dance Undergarments can be worn under leotards; however all undergarments must not be visible underneath leotard. Regular every day wear undergarments are not to be worn under dance uniform.


Tinkerbelle, Cinderella, & Belle   

Pink or black leotard with lack, pink or tan tights. Short fitted skirts are allowed. Pink ballet slippers, and black patent leather tap shoes. Ribbons MUST be replaced with elastic into the tap prior to the beginning of classes. Black slip on jazz boots are required for the Belle Combo Class ONLY.  


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3       
Any colored leotard with black, pink or tan tights. Jazz pants or tight fitting dance shorts may be worn for jazz/tap. Ballet skirts may be worn for ballet. Black slip on jazz boots, pink ballet slippers, and black tap shoes. 


Hip Hop and Poms, Musical Theatre

Any colored leotard with black, pink or tan tights. Jazz pants, tight fitting dance shorts, and tight fitting tanks and tees may be worn. Black slip on jazz boots. 

Ballet & Pointe Technique All Levels
Ballet has a strict dress code; any dancer who fails to meet the dress code requirement will be sent home or asked to sit and watch. 


HAIR |   Hair must be pinned back into a tight and secure bun (no "fly-aways,"          please). 

SLIPPERS |   Fitted leather ballet slippers.

POINTE | All pointe shoes must be acquired through The Dance Bag, 64 Four   Seasons Shopping Center, Chesterfield, MO.


LEOTARD |    All leotards must fit the dancer's body appropriately; the back cut        must be no lower than "mid back." Dancers wearing leotards that are unacceptable and deemed inappropriate will be asked to sit out of class. Any color leotard in the recommended styles may be worn for ballet class. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Starting Pointe

Pointe Shoe Material List and Fitting Reference

Company Members

It is mandatory that all Company Members purchase and wear their company class camisoles in the required style number and color, and wear them to company rehearsals and/or other required practices or performances. Refer to the Company Handbook for more details.

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