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Drop Off and Pick Up 

At Dance Experience, certain procedures are put into place to ensure the safety of your child at all times:


  • Students need to be escorted to and from the studio by a parent or adult for safety reasons.

  • It is acceptable for dancers to arrive at the studio 5-10 minutes before classes begin to warmup and get ready for class.

  • Students are encouraged to come to dance wearing their dance clothes underneath their regular clothes, and hair up rather than changing in the bathroom. 

  • When arriving at the studio, the dance room doors will remain closed until the instructor opens the door for your child's class to begin. Please do not enter the classroom before the teacher allows you too. This is their class preparation time and shouldn't be interrupted. 

  • All students should have their dance shoes on and ready to go before entering their classroom. No street shoes will be allowed on the dance floor. 

  • Tinkerbells and Cinderellas will always have BALLET slippers on first.

  • When ready to pick up your child, please do not open the doors to the classroom; the instructor will open them when they are ready to be released.  

  • Parents should be ready to receive their child at the end of their class time.  

  • Please do not encourage your child to find you in the parking lot; dancers are never allowed to stand outside of the dance studio when waiting for a ride. 

  • Teachers will wait to see the child's parent before letting them leave the studio. 

  • If picking up a student early from class, then you will need to notify the teacher ahead of time.

  • We also ask that you do not leave your dancers unattended in the studio waiting room for elongated periods of time. 

  • DO NOT Loiter outside the studio. Any disruptions to classes that occur inside or outside the studio may be asked to leave the premises. Dance Experience reserves the right to dismiss any student, family, or faculty member at any time, whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is found unacceptable. 

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