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Covid Procedures 2021

Welcome back Dance Experience Families! I have taken a long time to plan out and think through our continued procedures with health and safety guidelines suggested by the CDC and local school districts. Please read through the guidelines our studio has come up with to make our re-opening as successful as possible.

Classes will end up to 5 minutes earlier to clean and disinfect the studio. Surface cleaning will take place between each class where frequently touched surfaces and equipment will be wiped down.

-Deep cleaning will take place during the daytime when DE is closed.

-You will enter on the new front desk/dance boutique side. (Suite 103) and exit through the original front door (suite 104).

-Parents please drop your dancer(s) at the front door. A staff member will be there to guide them in the right direction.

-We will not provide a waiting lobby area. Please wait in your car, outside, or leave and come back. We will dismiss students when we see their parent/guardian lined up on the sidewalk.

- The studios will have stickers/tape on the floor to help maintain distancing.

-Vaccinated Teachers and staff will still wear masks when helping with shoes and walking to and from class. Vaccinated teachers are allowed to remove their masks when teaching/dancing. Students 8yrs and older will need to wear a mask when doing anything else other than dancing. So, mask should be on when entering and leaving the building, walking thru the studio, or if waiting for a class to begin. If a dancer would like to leave their mask during class that is okay. Also, if students younger then 8yrs old would like to wear a mask that is okay as well. All Company Dancers will wear masks during Company Class.

-We have hand sanitizer in each studio as well as the front desk. We encourage students and staff to use frequently and students will receive hand sanitizer when entering the building. -We also encourage frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds before rinsing.

-Please have a dance bag large enough to hold your street shoes. All personal items need to remain in the dance bag. Do not bring anything to the studio other than your dance shoes, and a water bottle.

-Dancers who have a break in-between classes will wait in the purple room or in the lobby with masks on to help space out.

-Every dance family will need to sign a waiver to continue with classes. The waiver will be emailed and can printed and returned the first day of class, or returned in an email to

You must have a signed waiver to participate. *The Delta variant will be closely monitored each month at which any of these policies/procedures can change. Ways you can help- -DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THE STUDIO IF THEY ARE SICK, OR IF A FAMILY MEMBER IS SICK, OR SHOW ANY COVID RELATED SYMPTOMS. -Alert us if your dancer has had Covid-19 and has been at the studio in the last 14 days. -Please contact the studio if you are running late to pick up your dancer.


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